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Thursday, August 5, 2010

What I am Looking For

I don't have a big dream. And I probably never will. So what am I looking for in this life?
Well, a teenage female not unlike myself would say that we are looking for love. It doesn't matter what type of romance it is, it is got to be sweet and romantic, whether the romance is melodramatic or quiet and happy. Every girl dreams to find someone in movies or books, someone reliable, someone who has integrity, someone who would save you when you are in danger.
But when i hear it, unfortunately, I don't find this concept fascinating. Surely love is important. But is romance really necessary? Yes, I like to read something with a little romance in it, but in reality I do not have much interest in the romance about me. I don't LOOK FOR it, if it happens, it happens. And I'm happy. But if it doesn't happen. I can still be happy, right? So romance is not what I am looking for.
Maybe I am looking for a reason to be in this world? Not really. I believe that we have meanings the minute we are born. I strongly believe that the fact you are in this world is why you are in this world. I don't need the world's approvement to be in it, and I don't need anybody else. I believe that everybody live for themselves, and that it is their choice to dedicate it to somebody else.
Am I looking for a big life with tons of money and fame? is tempting but I don't have a reason to look for it. I am happy enough now.
So what am I looking for? What am I searching for?
I guess that it is an abstruse question. Instead of sitting down writing about my rhetoric question, why don't I just take action and find out?