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Who am I?

I am a teenager who is currently in school.Don't get me wrong because I don't necessarily PASSIONATELY hate school. I just don't like being marked on everything.

Here are things that are me:
I love music, art, literature and sport even. I appreciate classical works as well as modern arts.
I value creativity at a very high standard.
I like games and manga and anime.
I like translating fanfiction and I love to read them.
I like to read.
I like to write stuff. Many random stuff.
I like to draw, and hope to improve my tablet skills so that my drawing can be seen in public.
I like to write reviews and insights on the art that i really like.
I like to write emotional stuff....and i'm trying to stop on that and write more action.
I like to I write slow.....but I write a vast amount after i read a good book.
I like Italian food.
I like really sour food. Like anything drenched in vinegar.
I like soup.
I like to eat one sushi hole in one bite at a time to prevent topping from falling off.
I am agnostic, meaning that I believe the existence of God is questionation.
I am a hedonist because I believe the whole point of living is to seek pleasure in life.
I like to talk about deep stuff. Philosphical stuff.
I have stories constantly forming in my head, especially when I encounter things that are inspiring to me.
I get many story ideas from my dreams.
I like fantasy. My life without fantasy is no life at all.
I hate rigid things because I believe nothing is ever fixed except math questions on tests.
I hate math.
I despise bacchanlians. If people knew they are going to get drunk they shouldn't have drunk alcohol at all.
Smoking is bad for health.
I hate sexism. I am complete feminist.
I also don't like racism.
I want to travel alone when I grow up and write down things as I travel.
I don't get mad easily, but if I do that person WILL be sorry.
I like to let things happen when they happen.
I have high concentration and efficiency, but I don't use it often unless I'm on deadline.


I can tell you my nicknames, but my real name is limited to the people who know me. By the way Pisces is not one of them.
1)Geli (preferably with the last name Tribal)
2)Haruka (-chan)
4)Gamer (already overrated but still..)

I am a well-rounded person (I hope) and I love to make friends, so feel free to make a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

If you wish to contact me, please send an email to I would love to chat with you.