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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Same sky

Well...I'm feeling poetic at the moment. :)
Mostly because I read this has a really light writing style, as if everything is just light and shallow but deep and beautiful. I have always liked that kind of writing...despite that I also like advantures and fantasy.
SO the topic, as you can see, is "sky".
Yes, this thing doesn't have any meaning, and it doesn't need a meaning.
I'm just writing whatever I felt like writing. :D
This is short, I'm not going to continue it.
Sky has all kinds of definitions.
Sky is blue.
Sky is grey.
Sky has cloud.
Sky is the mixture of the Earth's atmosphere and Ozone layer.
No matter how you explain it, one thing does not change.
We all share the same sky.

* * *
2009, Fall, Tokyo, Shibuya, 8:00pm
Nako Rikuyama looked out the window.
She had lived in this city for almost all of her life.
The new job was easier than she thought.
Moving out of her home seemed to be a mistake after all.
She was living in a small apartment with 3 rooms, with a big glass window like those ones in a luxury hotel. She had placed her bed right beside it. She liked the soft yet cool breeze brush through her cheek when she was sleeping.
The room was clean.
In this big city, cars and buses and people's chatter buzzed into her brain.
She closed the window, hoping for some peace and quiet.
Slowly she sauntered in front of her computer, and began to browse the internet.
From news to fashion, from fashion to news. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Like a mechanical robot, she scanned throught the pages. A scent of tedium rose in the air.
Her cellphone vibrated quietly on the desk.
Nako smiled.
It was a call from her boyfriend.
She missed him.
Her boyfriend was a very enthusiatic person. He liked to grin towards her, showing his pearl like teeth completely and ended up looking like a idiot in the middle of the street.
But to her, everytime he smiles, it was like those warm and fuzzy sun coming out during the coldest days of winter, implying that spring would come soon.
Nako pressed the button:"..Hello?" The fondness and longing within her voice was now pouring out with no return.
She heard her boyfriend's laugh. "Hi." He replied. Nako knew his obsidian eyes were lingering. She suddenly missed his hugs. "Missed me?" Said the young man teasingly. But before she could answer, he laughed out another sentence:"Of course you did."
"You haven't changed at all. Looks like that mandatory boot camp did you no good." Thinking of something to retort, Nako accused.
"But you didn't want me to change, did you? Na-na?" Na-na was a nickname that he picked for her ever since they started to become friends.
Nako sighed.
"...Hey, are you free?" Inquired the young man, abruptly placid.
"Yes." Knowing what he was going to ask, the girl inhaled and responded with a whisper. As if a promise that she desired for a long time.
"I know it's noisy and I really need a rest." He paused for a while. "But I really miss you, Nako. Can you come? Please?"
"Yes." She repeated. "See you there."
She did not need to know when or where. She already knew.
Exchanging a goodbye, Nako hung up.
The quiet tenderness gradually filled her heart.
She walked towards the glass window,
And looked up.
The stars were sparkling like thousands of diamonds on the night sky.
Tonight was going to be great.

* * *

2000, Winter, England, Oxford, 7:00am.
It was snowing.
Elena Worktilt opened her eyes.
The surrounding was not like the home she recognized at all. There were a ton of tubes taped to every part of her body; the stinging scent of medicines; the whiteness.
Everything was so quiet.
She was in the hospital.
Elena had tried to move, but the moment she did that the sharp and ferocious beast called pain gnawed on her brain. She wobbled,laying back down.
She had lost everything. Her mother, her father, her dolls, her toys.
The 7 year old girl's eyes were frightfully void.
The window was tainted with thick frost. She knew the snow was falling down.
She loved snow.
Not anymore.
She could still hear the that deafening screech of tires when the car lost control. Her scrawny body flew against the pole.
Her parent's joyful smiles ceased in that second.
Crimson liquid splattered all over the snow. Slowly it bloomed bigger and bigger.
In the girl's view, the world turned from impeccable to sinful. From dreamy tenuous to maliciously distinct.
She yanked off all the tubes and needles from her body. Skin got ripped off. She didn't care. It didn't hurt.
Elena lurched to the door, wearing only a white hospital skirt.
Mommy, I miss you.
Daddy, I love you.
Where did you go? I want to see you.
Mommy, smile to me. Daddy, hug me.
Elena will never yell again. Elena will be a good girl. Elena will do well in school. Elena will never beg for toys.
Mommy, Daddy.......Come back.
Come back.
The little girl knelt down on the pile of snow.
All the other patients examined her curiously.
Neglecting everything, the girl looked up.
The snow flakes fell on her cheeks like feathers.
The sky was frozen with blobs of condensed clouds.
Elena's face contorted with misery.
She screamed, water flooded out onto her cheek.
But the world was still silent.
She was not able to hear anymore.

* * *

2007, Spring, America, Ariton, 12:00pm.
Ethan Jackdorm was very excited.
Today was the day that he and his best friend sneak out of school to go to the beautiful lake they just discovered in the middle of the forest. It was a great hang out place; they would have so much fun playing in the water.
Sitting in the classroom, Ethan tapped the dest impatiently and glanced at his best friend-who was sitting on the other side of the classroom. His best friend had a very healthy figure. He winked as their eyes met.
It was almost lunch, they would go out at that time and not go to the afternoon classes. They were in Grade 8, the teachers were loose on them since it was they were going to graduate from middle school soon.
Plus, this city was too small anyways.
Finally the bell rang. The two guys bolted out of the school immediately. They deliberately ate a lot of breakfast so that they would not be too hungry.
The lake was beautiful. The air was fresh and the color was very very bright. The surface of the water glimmered delightfully.
They sat side by side on the edge of the lake.
"Hey we should skip more." His best friend grinned.
"Ya how bad a grade do you wanna get?" Ethan rolled his eyes. "I thought you are going to New York or something and meet pretty girls."
Best friend laughed:"Hey I ain't gonna leave if you don't go with me man. We're going together."
"I don't wanna fail my grade like you don't want to stop flirting to girls, idiot."
The next minute he realized that he was wet. When he rose up to the surface he saw his best friend laughing at his flustered and confused expression.
Ethan looked like he was those people who would wonder around on the street during midnight looking for a person to kill.
His best friend offered a hand to him, helping him up.
Bad choice.
The diabolical arc on the side of Ethan's mouth when he grabbed the hand made him realize that.
As he expected, Ethan pulled him down. Water rushed into his best friend's mouth, eventually he gulped down 10 litres of lake water before he finally poped his head out from the liquid.
Ethan chuckled at his best friend's expression. He bet that he looked like that when he was pushed down as well.
They stared at each other for a while.
Then, laughter resonated in the forest.
Sunlight shone on them.
Ethan gazed at the sky when he lay backwards and started to float.
It was imperceptibly blue.
He beamed.

* * *

2006, Summer, Italy, Turin, midnight.
Alessandro Pisano coughed painfully in the Nursing Home.
His arms were tired pushing the wheel chair. So he rested under the roof outside.
Water was drizzling down.
He slowly opened a small album in his pocket with tremoring, wrinkled hands.
Alessandro's finger stroked one picture after another.
Some of them were black and white, some of them were brushed yellow by time, some of them still looked new and colorful.
Those were the photos of his greatest memories.
The day he learned how to ride a bike.
The day he graduated from elementary school.
The day he went to prom with the girl of his dreams.
The day he went to university.
The day he began to work.
The day he got married....
Seeing himself in the pictures, his eyes narrowed happily.
The preservations of his life.
His family all smiled happily in the pictures.
And his wife stareing lovingly at him when he wasn't looking.
The funerals of his parents.
Sad moments, happy moments, angry moments.
All of a sudden, he missed his family.
But he knew that they were all doing well.
His wife had just passed away one week ago.
He could not forget the last words. She took his hand, beaming with glinting liquid on her eyelashes-age did not blanch away her beauty. And there she whispered:"I'll be waiting."
The kids did not need him to live anymore. They had grown up to be wonderful, independent adults.
It was their generation now.
Alessandro moaned. He felt sleepy.
It was time for him to go.
He leaned his head against the back of the wheelchair, enjoying the sky from this body for the last time.
Rain fell upon his hand.
It was pretty.
Feeling relieved, the old man closed his eyes peacefully.

* * *
Different people, different time, different places, different emotions.
But the sky stays the same.
It hovers over us, witnessing everything, and not say a word.
We all live under the same sky.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trying very hard to draw well but failed..

Recently I have been drawing a lot.
Of course what I drew was mostly Zidane and Garnet and Zidane and then Zidane again...
But I enjoy drawing originals too
It's like writing..just that you need to have good control of your hand.
I have to admit it is kind of fun.
I can't draw anything "realistic"'s like manga..
Anyway, I just started to learn to draw on computer 3 days ago.
The first time man!!! I didn't know anything about photoshop, drawing or coloring in computer, blah blah blah.
And I finished this original draw that I'd like to put up on this blog.
Read my stuff is such an eyesore...big blobs of texts, right?
So why not take a breat and look at this?

This is what I did.
First I did a draft in pencil on paper with my hand.
I scanned it onto my computer and then put it on photoshop to trace the basic out lines of the picture.
Then I color it and add shadows.
And in photoshop I added stars and effects.
Of course in the beginning I didn't know what the heck was I doing.
I did a LOT of reading, okay? My head kept spinning on the first day i read all of it and I was like :"Oh my god this is hopeless I'm never gonna get this done."
But when you're doing it it is fun^^

This is the pencil draft:

My scanner is crappy so it looked like that...
And somehow it was side ways...

This is the traced version, with no color, only outlines:

I know it looks empty....but it makes it WAY more easier to color.

The completed version:

Looks pretty good, huh? :D
My first completed work ever..
I know I am nothing compared to all those brilliant artists..but I'll work hard.
The most important thing is to have fun!
Of course that does not mean I would give up writing, it is a type of "art" too. And any type of "art" is fun to me.
It is a great way to kill time during summer vacation when you are in a situation like I am in right now-bored to death.
Why not try it?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Checkmate(Original) Chapter 3(In progress)

Something was happening to Novus.
And it was obvious that everybody who saw him knew that too.
His blood was dancing in his arteries, hitting repeatedly from the inside of his neck and wrist. His heart was faster than any mortal speed. His muscles rippled, tensing. The rush of adrenaline overwhelmed his entire body. Something was slowing gnawing his consciousness; he fought back mentally.
Every cell of his body was tingling beneath his skin, as if making an attempt to get out.
The boy coughed in misery. This was killin him.
It was a huge spillage of energy. Except that it was blue and glowing.
Novus groaned and struggled to turn his head in order to look over his back.
She was not there.

* * *

Just about 10 minutes ago. Everything was normal.
The guards came back, and they were coming to the guest that was across from the Treasure Chest.
The girl on his back seemed to have no clue what was going on.
[Okay, give up you vulture!]
Something above his head vaguely buzzed the words. Novus snapped his head up, noticing a big announcer sticking tightly to the concrete wall. The girl furrowed at the spiteful sounds.
Novus could hear the footsteps getting louder and louder. He must've left some kind of flaw when he was going along with the plan.
There was no point trying to escape now; he could never be able to jump of a building unless he was on the first floor. And guess what floor he was in?
The 4th. The life risking fourth floor.
The blond boy flexed his legs.
He had got a plan.
The guards-different ones, busted the locked door in one kick.
These people were even more menacing than the ones Novus dealt had with. The major difference was that they looked keen. Their eyes were glimmering signs of sophistication and wisdom along with glimpses of irritation and annoyance towards the teenage boy.
"Hands up!" One of them shouted loudly. When Novus led out a "hmph" in his nose that guard repeated the same thing-this time with more force. "I said hands up!"
"I would." Replied Novus, eyes somehow lingering. He looked awfully calm and indifferent despite that his mind was racing so much that there was not enough blood to support the brain. "But as you can see, I'm carrying a person. I suppose you can see that."
The hint of amusement made the guards more alert. This was not an ordinary boy, they were certain of it. He was able to sneak into the facility and disguised himself as a guard without being noticed in anyway until the headmaster heard the scream of pain from the naked guard in the storage room.
The guards looked at one another, then glowered at the teenage boy. "So you will not surrender?" The leader of the team inquired. His voice was thunderous.
Novus smiled. "Ask me again later."
Just as the security team were about to jump over the small body like they were playing a brutal football game, Novus quickly took out the other smoke bomb and thrashed it onto the ground.
It exploded immediately due to the impact with the ground and blew away a couple of the guards.
This bomb could be harmful if it gets stimulation such as impact and water. It was supposed to be failure because Faw was supposed to create the bomb to be non-harmful.
But Novus, at this moment, could not show more gratittude towards Faw's tiny pieces of shame.
During the time of the black smoke, Novus tightened his grip around the girl's ankles and bolted out of the room by stepping on one of the collapsed guards' chest. Of course, as macho as that man, he could not help but cough and choke in agony as the weight of two people applied pressure on his lungs.
One thing that Novus was fairly proud of himself was his speed. He could outrun all of his friends in the Scarecrow, therefore making him number one at escaping on foot. Moreover, he had a light body. He was able to make his movements imperceptible. And that was why Boss chose him on this mission.
The girl on resting on his back seemed to be entirely insouciant about her surroundings. Novus was beginning to be uneasy. It was like she had no emotions whatsoever, glazed, bleak. " you okay?" Turning his head towards the gorgeous girl, Novus asked between breaths. She was unbelieveably light for some reason, sometimes he even wondered she was there. He swore that he would not notice if she just fell off from his back.
The girl regarded the boy with innocent eyes.
Eyes that had no pupil. Eyes that glint due to absolutely nothing.
Eyes, that had minute pure white snowflakes floating at the edge.
"!!!" Novus cringed on the image he saw. His left foot accidentally tangled with his right. He almost fell flat on his face along with the innocent victim on his back. Vacillating, he leered at the girl's orbs once more. Although he predicted the outcome, he still gulped instinctly in apprehension the second time he saw it.
He could not be wrong. It matched the description that was given to him.
Azul, Novus's mouth shaped into the word inaudibly. It was identical. Her eyes. "Wow," he said, trying to dodge the appalled emotions. "That aught'a put a damper on things." The forced easy-going laughter turned into something awkward. Novus's voice became shaky. He needed time to adjust himself in order to fight because they were not officially rid of the dangerous situation. It was impossible for gems to turn into humans, he analyzed. However, if the gem was from a meteorite-from outer space, it was not unlikely to happen.
Novus set her down when they turned into a inconspicuous corner. He scrutinized the mystic girl carefully, and eventually touched her face. She was real. He could truly feel it, although amazed. "Tell me." The young thief said in a solemn tone, his emerald green eyes glinted in uncertainty. "Are you Azul..?"
As if his inquiry were transmitted into her heart through his hand on her face, girl looked away from him. She was clearly very perplexed with the situation.
"I see." Novus murmured, smiling kindly at the girl. "You must be scared." He stood up and took out the dagger from his sheath:"Don't worry. I won't let you fall into those guys' hands." He tried to flash a comforting smile towards her direction, but his confidence was not limited. He knew that he could not get out of this situation without seeking certain help from his comrades. This was too far beyond a mission for him to decide what was supposed to be done. Without futher ado, Novus dodged the pants he borrowed from the security guards and quickly pulled out his walkie-talkie; he felt so much lighter without the weight of 13 walkie-talkies.
"Chief! Can you hear me, Chief?"
Bad luck came at the worst time possible, cussed Novus in frustration. All he received was static, so his message probably did not get delivered to the airship properly. Those people must had done something to scramble up the signal. "Damn, I guess we'd have to run." He turned to the girl and said.
"You're not going anywhere!!" A familiar voice roared angrily in the air. The plump boss and the skinny wannabe showed up along with the team of keen security guards, closing the two people into a deadend. "How did you get the girl out??!" Inquired the fat boss.
Novus sighed in his stupidity. He still did not figure it out? "Starthas, sir! Reporting for duty, sir!!" He imitated the character he used for disguise and smiled mischieviously as soon as the boss recognized his identity. "I'm not bad an actor, eh? Of course, I used to work in the theatre." His smile went closer to his ear when the boss' face began to turn blue.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Memories (FFIX 9th Anniversary)

I dedicate this translation to July 7th, the 9th year anniversary of Final Fantasy IX!!
In this, Zidane and Garnet are both 25. Exactly 9 years from their age in FFIX. (16+5=25). They are basically talking about the past.
By the way, the 7th of July is also the day that people reunite with their loved ones and make wishes.
I do not own the original, but I do own the translated one since I translated it.
If you ever decided to check out the original, click here


Now the song became a lullaby that Garnet sang to her children every night. And sitting on the bed along with the children and listen to her sing was Zidane's every day routine, as well as this day.
Today, after all the active kids finally fell deep into their sleep. Garnet asked Zidane.
"Hey, do you remember what day is today?"
Lying on the bed, Zidane lifted his face up from the magazine he was reading.
"But, the day we met was.."
"January 15th."
"And the day of the reunion was also.."
"January 15th."
"Yeah, and our anniversary was.."
"May 16th."
"There's no way I will forget about those. And? What day is it today? It's July 7th."
Garnet chuckled softly.
"9 years ago, our story started on this day."
"This day..from 9 years ago?"
"Yes, exactly 9 years."
Although Zidane contemplated about it for a while, he gave up after deciding that it was no use.
"Since it's such an important day today, let's chat about the past and relive the memories."
Hearing Zidane's suggestion, Garnet concured it. "Sounds interesting."
"Oh, yeah. I never asked you that before, but what did Dagger think of me when we first met?"
Garnet was a little surprised at the way this conversation commenced.
"First impression....was not that good."
"Eh~~? Really?"
"Yes, I thought you were rude."
Garnet pumped up her cheeks.
"Hey, now Dagger that was mean."
Zidane's expression was awkward.
"Because you said rude things when we ran into each other on the stairs."
"Was that so?"
"You forgot? You said "I've dreamt of meeting you here ever since I was born.". I thought you were mocking me."
Zidane scratched the back of his head, embarassed.
"Well, because I thought you were pretty. And it was kind of like my instinct..."
"Zidane was like that to every girl."
Garnet twisted her head away from him after a slight "hmph" from her nose.
"It's a misunderstanding! It was more like I wasn't serious..."
"Oh yes that explains everything. You were not serious towards me from the start."
"No It's not like that!"
Due to Zidane's unexpected loud holler, Garnet's eyes snapped to the children.
Their mouth merely twitched and went back to sleep.
"S-sorry sorry."
Zidane slowly pulled away the right hand that Garnet automatically covered over his mouth.
"I got sort of anxious."
Though the words had a joking light lilt, Zidane's bright blue orbs were stern. Garnet tilted her head in confusion.
"Though I never said it before, Dagger was special."
"It was a really strange feeling. When I peeked your face, your eyes were full of sadness. I thought you and me were a lot alike."
"Eh?" Questioned Garnet, astonished.
"I've always been searching for my hometown around that time. Traveling around alone. Even when the journey stopped I still persevered. I was always searching for the "blue light"."
Eventually, that "blue" revealed itself.
Then, that "blue" in his memories pained him as if thousands of knifes had cut through his flesh.
To Garnet, his misery felt so realistic that it felt like her own.
"You are saying that I am like you like that?"
"That was what I thought. I felt we were similar. 'This girl might be searching for-not things, feelings? And she was probably suffocating by the anxiety.
So I decided to go save you even if it meant to be kicked out of Tantalus. I was certain that I had to go."
Garnet gazed at Zidane with misty, obsidian irises.
Yes, although that time he wondered if it was destiny,
but now, Zidane was more than positive, that it was definetely fate that brought them together.
If someone gave him an angel like her, then he could think of no one else but God, that did this.
"I am really glad that I went to save you, even now."
Whispering fondly, he dropped a gentle kiss on the almost liquidfied eyes.

* * *

"You met Freya when you were travelling?"
"Yeah, I was a fighting rookie back then. So she was a great help."
Freya was already was proud fighter 11 years ago. However, she still had sparks of youth and ambition in her eyes when he met her at the age of 14.
"When I think about it....Freya was so young."
"She still seemed younger than us when I met her."
"Somehow.....I have a feeling that Freya is old ever since she was born."
"---Zidane, stop teasing her like that."
Garnet giggled amusingly and said.
After laughing a while, she inquired.
"Hey, did you love Freya?"
Zidane denied immediately.
"She was so calm. Like a mother but nothing like a female."
"How about at least calling her a 'sister'?"
"Freya said the same thing too."
Zidane laughed in a low, pleasant pitch.
"How about Ruby? Did you love her?"
"Huh? How did Ruby come up?"
"I was curious a long time ago. You two seemed to be happy."
Due to Garnet's eyes that was filled with interest, Zidane sighed and confessed.
"We were brothers and sisters. When she first came to Tantalus, she was weirdly passive. But to me she was friendly all the time. Maybe because she saw me as a little brother or something."
"Hn?"Pausing suddenly, Zidane made a small noise out of his nose.
"Well, Ruby was cold to everyone at first, true...But now that I think about it. When I began to realized that she was sticking to me a lot was when she just started to talk to Blank."
When Garnet snickered quietly, Zidane laughed with her.

* * *

"Speaking of which, I never realized that I met Amarant before Freya told me."
Garnet nodded in approval.
"Me too. I couldn't believe that Amarant was a wanted man."
"And that was."
"Zidane's fault."
Garnet chuckled.
"Zidane, do you remember?"
"Er...I didn't remember his face but I had an impression that it was really a tall and tough guy."
Zidane scratched his cheek with his forefinger.
"I never thought he became a man who people would get rewarded to catch....maybe I did something bad."
"Freya said that Amarant tracked you around because he wanted to know the reason why you didn't fight him."
"How can you escape if you get beat up by a person that's so big?"
Garnet blinked towards Zidane's instant response.
"....That's true." She replied.
"But I think Amarant changed."
"Yeah, at first he was this boring cold man."
"We separated for a while in Ibsen, right? He seemed to be thinking a lot when you ran in and brought him back."
"My actions must be like a culture shock to him."
Zidane stretched his arms casually, leaving a "But.." hanging in the end of the sentence.
"Why the heck was he so popular?"
"You are saying that again."

* * *

"Steiner was in the castle ever since Dagger was little, right?"
"Yes. He was there when the Pluto security team was established. He was Mother and Father's bodyguard. He was always beside me."
"Was he like that when he was younger?"
Garnet considered with her finger pressing against her lips.
"I think he didn't change much."
"I bet he's born purple faced."
Garnet pulled a forced smile at Zidane's peculiar remark.
"But Steiner was very keen. He noticed my slightest bit of depression and tried to console me all the time. There was not many people who supported me when I ran out of the castle because of Mother's drastic changes, but Steiner was there for me."
"If Rusty hears this he will burst out crying."
Zidane shrugged.
"What about Beatrix?"
"Beatrix...I think she changed. She was not that kind to people. And we did not speak so much."
"Hmm...that makes sense."
Perhaps even in Alexandrian history it was rare for a royalty and the guard to have deep bonds.
Especially when Steiner was an advanced soldier.
"Oh that reminds me. I heard Quina worked for the castle kitchens before."
"Really? That is surprising."
"I thought she's gonna make some terrifying stuff. Though there after all these years I haven't seen a frog cuisine yet."
Garnet examined the ceiling.
"...Maybe you are not so sure about that."

* * *

"...Why did we let Vivi come with us again?"
Garnet threw Zidane a criticizing glance when he recalled the memories.
"Oh. At first he accidentally jumped on stage."
"Yeah. When I was acting an Cornelia Princess, he used fire and busted my identity. Mother drew cannon fires at us on the Invincible..."
"And you two dropped on Evil Forest!"
"That is right."
Garnet nodded.
"Oh yeah----that's what happened."
Zidane narrowed his eyes in nostalgia.
"And then Vivi came with us, troubled by his birth, and became mature. He had gone through a lot."
"I....couldn't be with him on that most important day."
Garnet tugged his right arm, trying to comfort him.
"It was you who taught him so much. Everyone got your influence and grew up. You are a phenomenal."
When Zidane met her eyes, Garnet beamed.
"Yes. That was why everybody went to rescue you."
"Bran Bal?"
Zidane rubbed the back of his head, blushing.
"I really appreciated it."
Zidane peeked her expression shyly when she was grinning tenderly.
"I was so happy when you said that to me."
"What I said?"
"You forgot?"
"I was pretty desparate at the moment...I don't remember a lot."
Although Zidane looked disappointed, he was somewhat content.
"Well~ I think you don't remember because it's so true."
"Of course. Who do you think I am? I'm not you."
".....Dagger, what do you think of me as?"

* * *

"We met Eiko when we were heading to the Iifa Tree from Conde Petie."
When Garnet mentioned it, Zidane nodded.
"She was real childish."
"Eiko will get angry if you say that. She wanted to be a grown up."
"Actually, she is childish even now."
"Zidane." Accused Garnet.
"Because she kept flirting with me so much I understood what Dagger felt."
"Oh, really?"
"I was flirting with you so much back then didn't I? It's kind of embarassing talking about the time when I was full of signs of youth."
Garnet smiled.
"When did you notice my super flirt?"
"Urm...I can't recall that much of it."
Zidane slouched his shoulders the first time after 9 years.
"But, maybe it was that time when I began to really notice you."
Hearing those words, his face opened up with joy once again.
"What time?"
"When you treated me as a child and strictly refused my idea to go with you. You were speaking to me so seriously, I got strangely pissed off."
Zidane raised one of his eyebrows.
"Then, when you started to hold interest for other girls. I became concerned without knowing why."
Garnet coughed, reminding him to control his overwhelming happiness that was spilling out from the big grin.
"I was so surprised when you said that we can get married in Conde Petie."
Said Zidane, abrupt remembering.
"We had to if we want to get through."
The answer was cool.
"But even though it's fake, it's still a wedding. Normal girls would treat it as a big deal."
"Well, are you saying that I'm not ordinary?"
Zidane scratched his head for the third time.
"No..but I'm saying that if you hate me you wouldn't have agreed."
"Do you want me to say that I already fell in love with you back then?"
"Not like that...but yes I do want you to say it."
"Yes, I already loved you."
Zidane's head snapped up in shock to Garnet's direct words.
"I already loved you. I'm sure of that now. When I was 16, I did not have friends, and I never even talked to a boy with the same age."
Zidane nodded, implying her to continue.
"So I didn't know. You are always joking, always saying unexpected things. But you are also reliable and very, very kind.....because you are that kind of person, I fell in love with you."
Garnet quickly continued before Zidane's facial expression twist into impossible shapes.
"But..when I truly realized that you are irreplacable, was after you left."
During those 2 years, Garnet suffered alone.
Zidane felt more guilty than he had ever been.
"People say that first loves are never going to come true. Nonetheless, you came back."
Garnet said, beaming. Zidane embraced her with the identical smile. Both loving, both tender, both...cherishing.

* * *

"Hey, Zidane."
"Did you ever regret about returning to my side?"
"Don't you have other places to go back to? Such as Tantalus, Mikoto and the other Genomes...or your ex-girlfriends...."
Zidane warned unhappily at the last statement.
"I didn't even think about going back. I couldn't think about anything except for you."
Garnet gave him a relieved yet delighted grin.
Standing up, Zidane appraised her just like when they met.
"Are you happy?"
Garnet chuckled at the half-joking question, and replied.
"Yes. Very."